Somatic Mindfulness Meditation

SOMA = Body Awareness

Somatic Mindfulness Meditation develops a meditative consciousness that is accessed through the basic awareness of the body. Focussing on the bodies many internal experiences that are hidden to the superficial view, beneath the obvious sensations.

This method often leads to radical changes in a practitioners state of being. It promotes the development of a higher level of embodied awareness, a larger and more complete perspective and an alleviation of physical, psychological, and spiritual concerns.

What to expect in the meditation course

Meditation Labs

The somatic (embodied) focus of this course, although quite profound, has often been described by students as being much easier to sustain than conventional mindfulness meditation approaches. In this course, we engage in a series of short meditations 10-15 minutes with breaks in between. Each participant is encouraged to move freely to accommodate their physical comfort. From in a seated posture, on a chair or otherwise, to a reclined posture with support from bolsters or other props, the emphasis is always on continuous exploration of what feels appropriate. Every session is approached with curiosity like an exciting new experiment. This is why we have named the meetings “Meditation Labs”.

You can also expect to indulge in our famous spiced chai tea during each course.

What is Somatic Meditation?

Somatic meditation is the natural extension of yoga practice but does not require any experience in either yoga or meditation. Although inspired by the philosophies of Yoga and Buddhism, Somatic Meditation does not follow organized religion or dogma of any kind.
Bi-Weekly Group Classes

We’re excited to announce our new bi-weekly group which begins again on Tuesday, January 21st at 7:00pm!


Join Us On
Tuesday nights from January 21st to March 31st
7:00pm – 8:30pm


for 6 classes
(taxes included)

Please book your spot for this session by January 6th.

The Gifts of Somatic Meditation

Meditation Mentorship Program

Gain Support On Your Journey

In this program you will receive:

  • Support in establishing a daily personal meditation practice.
  • A break down into clear steps.
  • Instruction for any possible postures. You don’t have to sit on the floor to meditate!
  • How to manage obstacles in meditation.
  • How to improve your relationships (with yourself and others).