Therapeutic Yoga

Awareness Through Movement

The practice of yoga helps to regulate all aspects of self and can improve mental and physical health with surprising ease. Simple and accessible yoga postures, breathing exercises and experiential awareness are tailored to fit the needs of the individual and group.

Therapeutic Yoga - Manomaya Yoga

Somatic Mindfulness Meditation

SOMA = Body Awareness

Somatic Mindfulness Meditation develops a meditative consciousness that is accessed through the basic awareness of the body. Focussing on the bodies many internal experiences that are hidden to the superficial view, beneath the obvious sensations.

Relaxation Massage Therapy

Our philosophy on the Art of Massage​
Every client we work with is fully unique. The muscles and bone and every inch of skin has it’s own individual form and history. If they could converse, the organs, tissues, bones, and skin would tell us a compelling and unique story.